Unsure Whether to Return to the Office or Not? Here Are Pros and Cons of Working at Home

At the start of the year, many people believed that they couldn’t make working from home necessarily “work” for themselves. They needed a central place to meet clients, collaborate with co-workers, and just sit down and do their work quickly and effectively. The novel coronavirus has changed any sense of normalcy we experience, however, and nearly ten months later, most of us have learned that we can do our work from home and in many ways. We might have even discovered working from home is a lot better – but with all good things, there are also downfalls. So, what are the pros and cons of working from home? Check out our list below!

PRO – A More Relaxed Start to the Day.

When you work from home, the morning rush is a phenomenon of the past. By starting the day in a relaxed state, you begin it on a more positive note. You no longer have to give yourself just enough time for a shower, a cup of coffee, and rushed breakfast. Instead, you can take your time and reflect upon your day ahead. This way, you can plan out your to-do list and accomplish your goals in a timely manner.

CON – Less Human Interaction.

One of the nicest things about bringing a group of people together at the office is the camaraderie and relationships that are built over time. Working from home takes us away from that human interaction, and for many, this can cause a feeling of loss. Humans are a social species— we need to be with other people. Without that connection, we start to feel lonely, and it can lead to mental health issues.

PRO – More Quiet, Focused Time.

One of the biggest difficulties of working in an office is the noise and distractions. If a colleague can see you sat at your desk, you are more approachable, and it is easier for them to ask you questions or engage you in meaningless conversations. Working from home allows you to shut the door, increase your productivity, and lessen the amount of time you need to perform your work.

CON – Moving Around Less.

When we commute to a place of work, there is movement involved. More movement is involved at lunchtime and breaks when we venture outside of the office, as well. Unfortunately, working from home naturally causes us to move less, and this means we are not burning as many calories. Since moving is essential to our health, you need to be aware of your movement each day.

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