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Get Your Spices in Order with a Few Tips From Your Favorite Apartment Community

You undoubtedly turn to your spice rack multiple times while preparing recipes in your fully equipped kitchen. It holds your go-to spices, like powdered garlic and onion, as well as more niche seasonings for international foods and beyond. The only downside to all of the spices that you have on-hand? Having so many that you never know exactly what’s what! But, it is quite simple to restore order to your seasonings. Here are three useful ways to store and organize your spice rack.

Use magnets to keep everything within arm’s reach.

Here’s a budget-friendly idea that can be accomplished in no more than a couple hours’ time. Instead of keeping your spices in their original packaging, pour the seasoning into the container, add a label detailing what it is, and glue a magnet backing on each spice. From there, you can keep your spices on the side of your fridge or a magnet board (which can be purchased at an art supply store).

Store them along your wall.

Another great way to store your spices involves using a wall rack. Simply purchase a wall rack that will accommodate your spices and affix it to any section of blank wall space in your kitchen. Consider adding multiple racks to create a more visually striking display of your spices.

Conveniently house them in a drawer.

If you’ve got an empty drawer in your kitchen – or you’d like to banish your junk drawer for something useful – consider housing your spices in a drawer. This method protects your spices from heat and sunlight, which will help keep them fresh. They’ll also take up zero counter space – which we know is a valuable commodity around your busy household!

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